Soap Tart

You’ve got to get pretty intimate with your soap…everyday. All that lather, all those little moments. That’s right, sweetie. So you might as well use the good stuff. Soap Tart uses 100% all natural and organic ingredients with pure essential oils and luscious and nourishing extras to create a healthy, creamy soap that glides on your skin. No chemicals or synthetic anything! And that just feels good. Your skin is a keeper. Give it the super-deluxe treatment.

Introducing four flirty blends – Tangerine Honey Pie, Peppermint Party Passion, Lavender Love Potion and Cheeky Cheeky Chocolate. Four 4 ounce bars of soap in every adorable, eco-friendly gift box. That’s 16 ounces of PURE attitude, baby!

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flirty handcrafted soap