About Us:

In 2000 my daughter wanted to make soaps to give to her friends at school. She was interested in a craft, a melt-and-pour activity with little star molds that would take ten minutes from start to finish. But I didn't know that. I investigated this intriguing soap project as any English major would - at the bookstore. I found beautiful books with beautiful pictures of uneven hand-cut bars in unusual hues. There were porcelain bowls and interesting baskets stacked high next to fluffy white towels sprinkled with rose petals, lavender buds and citrus peels. I was smitten. C'mon. Who among us wouldn't stop dead in our tracks at the sight of euphoric staging like this? Okay, maybe it was just me, but that's what happened. A few months later I made my first batch of soap. Hundreds of bars later, I was still smitten with the simple joy of making and using my own soap. No baskets. No pretty bowls. No chemicals.

Where We Are Today:

Fast forward almost 10 years and it's 2009. My family and friends were still begging for my soap. I have a pretty big family, so it was time to open up shop. It's true, I'm a fierce advocate for healthy skin care, but I also wanted to make soaps that would knock your socks off. Hey, if you're already headed for the shower, you're all set!

I can't say that Soap Tart is the best soap in the world and that once you try it you won't want to use anything else. But others have and that's good enough for me. I hope you enjoy the luxury of my handmade all-natural soap every day. It's a flirty little pleasure your skin will love. Oooh la la!

Carmen Tunis